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How to Write Music: the Secret to Making it Easy

There are sooooo many different ways to approach songwriting. Sometimes you end up staring at a blank piece of paper for 20 minutes. If you are having a writers' block or just want to change up your technique, here is a basic structure you can follow to make the process easier!

Record Your Work

Make sure you capture any creative inspiration or experimentation for your song. This can simply be with a pen and paper or in the voice memos on your phone. Record it in the moment so you don't forget it later!

Pick a Medium

Next, pick a medium for writing your song. This can simply be with your voice or an instrument like a guitar or piano. Either way, having a way to flesh out your ideas is crucial to the songwriting process.

Find a Chord Progression

If you are using an instrument to write your song, chord progressions are a great place to start. A chord progression is a series of chords that are played in a specific order, and are the foundation for many songs. Experiment with different chord progressions and figure out which ones you like. There are many online resources and apps that can help you learn different chords and progressions.

Add a Melody

Next, add a melody. The melody is the part of the song that people sing along to, so make sure it's catchy and memorable. Start by playing around with different notes and see what sounds good with the chord progression you've chosen.

Write the Lyrics

Once you have a melody and chord progression, then you can add lyrics. Lyrics give the song meaning and tell a story. Start by jotting down any phrases or ideas that come to mind, and then work on making them more cohesive.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Songwriting is a creative and individual process. There are no rules! Feel free to experiment and break conventions, try new things and don't be afraid to make mistakes. You can always go back and edit your song, so don't be too critical of yourself in the creative stage.

After writing your song, it's important to get feedback on your work. Share your songs with friends, family or other musicians and get their opinions. This can help you to edit your songs and improve your songwriting skills.

Finally, don't give up. Songwriting takes time and practice, so keep working at it and get discouraged if your first few songs aren't perfect. With some practice, you'll be writing some great songs you'll be proud of.

Songwriting is a creative and personal process that can be learned through practice, experimentation, and feedback. There are several different ways to approach songwriting, but in following this method, you can break down the process and make it more manageable. By starting with chord progressions, adding a melody and lyrics and sharing your work, you can improve your songwriting skills and create something awesome!

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