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FYU-CHUR Recording Studio is very grateful for all of the amazing feedback over the years while watching artists continue to grow and get closer to living their dreams!

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Reddirt Rickert

“Man where to start! Professionalism...5 STARS! Creativity... 10 STARS! Production ..ALL THE STARS!!!!"

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Triston for Dummies

"Not only is he a master of his craft...he has also taken the time to learn and further develop my sound."


Mariah Strong

"I don’t even know where to start. This man is amazing! EXTREMELY talented. What he did with my songs should cost much more so go in there ready to lay it down cause he is ready! You can tell he loves what he does."


Tebi Njilefack

"This man is honestly a master of his craft, he's innovative and has a genuine passion for good music. He will help you in any way you need and even give creative suggestions to turn sound into a masterpiece."

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Solo Rocc'n

"FYU-CHUR is going to be a HUGE star... he makes all my beats. He is a musical genius."


Johnny Jernigan

"Incredibly gifted producer. This guy can make your ideas a reality."

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Reddirt Rickert

"THE ONLY PRODUCER YOU WILL EVER WANT TO WORK WITH! His passion shines through his productions, and he encourages you to be the best artist you can be no matter what level of music you're at.”

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"This guy is a Wizard Producer and engineer. He literally does it all. He’s fun, he’s safe, he’s respectful, and he loves his job.”

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Louis Boi

"He see’s my vision along with other artists that step through his studio! He takes his time never rushes through your record or your work!"


Mariah Strong

"You can tell he loves what he does and that alone brings you comfort, and makes you relax before you have to sing or rap."

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King Pluto

"Great mixing and mastering. Very professional and easy to work with. FYU-CHUR produces as well if you need beats."


Sav God

"Lawton's best kept secret. FYU-CHUR is an underrated genius!”



“​​Best recording, engineering, and production in Lawton period!”

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Tommy Loving

"Dude has a lot more up his sleeve than you think! He's mega talented!"

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Meezy Maffmatics

"Highly recommended, quality sound, and all around great experience!"

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"Premier recording studio in Lawton, OK!"

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"FYU-CHUR gon' get you right whether it’s gospel/hostile, rap/cap, etc."

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"Very genuine and committed business person. Makes you feel motivated and inspired. Great person to collaborate with and exceptional customer commitment."

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Bankroll Jugg

"I love it here. It feels like a real home and I love how comfortable it is. Real business, real good prices! Definitely come here."

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Kane Kuhtti

"If you're not recording with FYU-CHUR, I don't know what you're doing... This is where I get my sound."


Stephanie Overby

"You want to talk about fire ! This man here is one of the best producers! He listens to his artist and gives them what they want! Even a non singer like myself went in his studio and he made me feel comfortable. If you need a producer who truly loves the his craft, listens and constantly strives to be better than the day before, meet Andrew 'Fyu-chur' Jackson, owner of Fyu-chur Recording Studio! I salute you! Keep cranking out hits!"

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Yxung Reaper

"Shout out to FYU-CHUR for the beautiful mix and production, he deserves all the praise and then some. Made my first time in the studio relaxed and comfortable and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. If any of y'all need a go-to producer I will 100% recommend him bar none."


Calvin Loron

"[FYU-CHUR] is a one of a kind musical talent. You brings all of my ideas to life"

Email:                                                                            Phone: (580) 308-7070                                                      1625 SW McKinley Ave, Lawton, OK 73501

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