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Interviews with FYU-CHUR

Here you will find a collection of magazine, radio show, podcast interviews, and more with CEO, music producer/engineer, FYU-CHUR! Read/watch below to learn more about his impact on the music industry!

Authority Magazine

For their "Rising Stars" series, FYU-CHUR discusses the top 5 things you need to shine in the music industry! Authority Magazine is also known for interviewing other big names such as Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child, and Flo Rida!

580 Monthly Magazine

Learn about how FYU-CHUR got started in the music industry and more in this exclusive interview with 580 Monthly Magazine!

Set the Bar Mixshow

Hosted by Momakki & Oplex, FYU-CHUR was featured on the Set the Bar Mixshow where he got to answer The 5 Deadly Questions, describe his music production process, inspirations and more! 

JUSt Talkin' with Johnathan Lewis

Watch here for FYU-CHUR's full interview with talk show host Johnathan Lewis on the show "JUSt Talkin'"!

NYC Netflix Documentary

In FYU-CHUR's most recent trip to NYC, he was interviewed for his work with the First Responders Children's Foundation. Watch this video to see exclusive highlights from behind the scenes clips of his interview!

97.9 Jamz "The Mixtape" with X-Man

FYU-CHUR sits down with DJ X-Man on his show "The Mixtape" for radio station 97.9 JAMZ. The full interview is coming soon!

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