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CEO, Music Producer/Engineer

FYU-CHUR (future) is the force behind the ideals and music you hear on this site. He is a Music Producer/Songwriter/Engineer looking to not only "make it" in the music industry but also very driven to IMPACT music as a whole by introducing new ideas, new techniques, and new sounds.


  FYU-CHUR is also the founder of the #1 Recording studio in Texoma, FYU-CHUR Recording Studio est. 2011 with over 100+ clientele! A true master of the art of music production and engineering,  he has gained a reputation to accomplish in minutes what many take days to do. This skill gives him the ability to record, produce and engineer over 100 songs every month, while still keeping the highest quality. FYU-CHUR also recently won Producer of the Year in the Perry Broadcasting Communication Awards. He has a strong internet presence with close to 3,000,000 views on his YouTube channel

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Jackie Diehl

Special Operations & Executive Assistant

Jackie is a creative with an extensive background working in the entertainment industry for Casting Directors, Podcast Hosts, and (of course) a Music Producer! 

She is part of the creative team at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio, where she works to bring special projects to fruition while maintaining an organized environment.

Between marketing strategy to content creation, Jackie has a multi-faceted role at the company. You'll be most likely to meet her on the phone if you call to schedule a session, as she strives to build connections with artists in order to maintain the family atmosphere that makes FYU-CHUR Recording Studio such an amazing place to record. 

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Ashley Jackson

Operations Advisor & Strategic Analyst

With a successful background in corporate compliance, licensing management as well as implementation of performance improvement strategies, Ashley currently provides advisory and strategic planning services to the recording studio chief executive officer on company growth measures, business compliance and management procedures.
Ashley also assists in developing strategic plans to increase company revenue and expand company customer service goals.

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