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Who is FYU-CHUR?

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CEO, Music Producer/Engineer

FYU-CHUR (future) is the force behind the ideals and music you hear on this site. He is a Music Producer/Songwriter/Engineer looking to not only "make it" in the music industry, but he is also very driven to IMPACT music as a whole by introducing new ideas, new techniques, and new sounds.


FYU-CHUR is also the founder the #1 Recording studio in Texoma, FYU-CHUR Recording Studio est. 2011 with over 100+ clientele! He also recently won Producer of the Year in the Perry Broadcasting Communication Awards. He has a strong internet presence with close to 3,000,000 views on his YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/Fyuchur.


  • Facebook
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  • Joe Budden, The Game - The Future (prod by FYU-CHUR) - produced the lead single "The Future" on "Padded Room" which became the #2 independent album in the country during its release.


  • Kevin Gates - Faded Remix from Nicc Johnson (mixed and mastered by FYU-CHUR)


  • Raphael Saadiq (of Toni Tony Tone, Lucy Pearl) - Something Keeps Calling (Remix) (prod, mixed and mastered by FYU-CHUR)


  • Yung La - I Know What I'm Doin by 13 Curse  (prod, mixed mastered by FYU-CHUR) (release date To be announced)


  • Chalie Boi  - Only by Breeze (produced mixed mastered by FYU-CHUR) (release date TBA)


  • Others include Cory Gunz, King Los, QuinNFN, and several more..



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Find out how FYU-CHUR has received recognition over many years of hard work to rise up in the music industry and bring other artists up along with him!

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Famous Remixes

Click below to see famous remixes by FYU-CHUR with over 3,000,000+ views!