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T  a  k  e     y  o  u  r     m  u  s  i  c     t  o    t  h  e    N  E  X  T     l  e  v  e  l  ! 

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recording Studio


Picture of Artist Reddirt Rickert telling his amazing review of the recording studio.png

“Man where to start! Professionalism...5 STARS! Creativity... 10 STARS! Production ..ALL THE STARS!!!!"

Picture of Oklahoma singer/songwriter Tristan for Dummies giving his 5-star review of the studio.jpeg

"Not only is he a master of his craft...he has also taken the time to learn and further develop my sound."

Picture of gospel artist Mariah Strong giving her 5-star review of the studio.jpg

"I don’t even know where to start. This man is amazing! EXTREMELY talented. What he did with my songs should cost much more so go in there ready to lay it down cause he is ready! You can tell he loves what he does."


"This man is honestly a master of his craft, he's innovative and has a genuine passion for good music. He will help you in any way you need and even give creative suggestions to turn sound into a masterpiece."

Picture of Oklahoma singer Solo Roccn from her music video giving her 5-star review of the FYU-CHUR Studio.png

"FYU-CHUR is going to be a HUGE star... he makes all my beats. He is a musical genius."

Picture of Oklahoma blues and Rock artist Johnny Mack representing his high praises of FYU-CHUR Recording Studio.jpg

"Incredibly gifted producer. This guy can make your ideas a reality."

About the Studio

Learn what FYU-CHUR Recording studio has to offer! Visit the studio page to see a list of services, studio photos, blog posts, weekly releases, and testimonials!


FYU-CHUR is the CEO and Producer/Engineer at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio. Visit the About FYU-CHUR page to learn more about FYU-CHUR's impact on the music industry including famous names he's worked with, exclusive interviews, popular remixes, awards/nominations, and more!


Music & Videos

All songs are recorded, engineered, and/or produced at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio! Visit the Music & Videos page to find FYU-CHUR's SoundCloud and a variety of music videos featuring songs and artists from FYU-CHUR Recording Studio!

Booking Talent

Si'Yir Royale, Josh James, J-Wash Da Don, and Kenn 7even!

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