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FYU-CHUR Playlist Page


Playlist of Songs and Instrumentals produced/engineered by FYU-CHUR in different genres.

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“Man where to start! Professionalism...5 STARS! Creativity... 10 STARS! Production ..ALL THE STARS!!!!"

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"Not only is he a master of his craft...he has also taken the time to learn and further develop my sound."


"I don’t even know where to start. This man is amazing! EXTREMELY talented. What he did with my songs should cost much more so go in there ready to lay it down cause he is ready! You can tell he loves what he does."


"This man is honestly a master of his craft, he's innovative and has a genuine passion for good music. He will help you in any way you need and even give creative suggestions to turn sound into a masterpiece."

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"FYU-CHUR is going to be a HUGE star... he makes all my beats. He is a musical genius."


"Incredibly gifted producer. This guy can make your ideas a reality."

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Bio, Credits, & Accomplishments

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CEO, Music Producer/Engineer

Andrew 'FYU-CHUR' Jackson is the force behind the ideals and music you hear on this site. He is a Music Producer/Songwriter/Engineer looking to not only "make it" in the music industry but also very driven to IMPACT music as a whole by introducing new ideas, new techniques, and new sounds.


  FYU-CHUR is also the founder of the #1 Recording studio in Texoma, FYU-CHUR Recording Studio est. 2011 with over 100+ clientele! A true master of the art of music production and engineering,  he has gained a reputation to accomplish in minutes what many take days to do. This skill gives him the ability to record, produce and engineer over 100 songs every month, while still keeping the highest quality. FYU-CHUR also recently won Producer of the Year in the Perry Broadcasting Communication Awards. He has a strong internet presence with close to 3,000,000 views on his YouTube channel


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  • Joe Budden, The Game - The Future (prod by FYU-CHUR) - produced the lead single "The Future" on "Padded Room" which became the #2 independent album in the country during its release.


  • Kevin Gates - Faded Remix from Nicc Johnson (mixed and mastered by FYU-CHUR)


  • Raphael Saadiq (of Toni Tony Tone, Lucy Pearl) - Something Keeps Calling (Remix) (prod, mixed and mastered by FYU-CHUR)


  • Yung La - I Know What I'm Doin by 13 Curse  (prod, mixed mastered by FYU-CHUR) (release date To be announced)


  • Chalie Boi  - Only by Breeze (produced mixed mastered by FYU-CHUR) (release date TBA)


  • Others include Cory Gunz, King Los, QuinNFN, and several more..



Click below for magazine, video, and talk show interviews with FYU-CHUR!

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Find out how FYU-CHUR has received recognition over many years of hard work to rise up in the music industry and bring other artists up along with him!

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Famous Remixes

Click below to see famous remixes by FYU-CHUR with over 3,000,000+ views!

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