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New Staff Update | Johnny Hines III On Good Morning America | Si’Yir Releases New Music

There are lots of BIG artist and studio updates! Si'Yir Royale and PHOENIXX released new music and Calvin Loron is performing LIVE this evening. Plus, Sgt. Johnny Hines III, who previously collaborated with FYU-CHUR on a song for the First Responders Children's Foundation, was featured on Good Morning America.


Jackie has moved on to new adventures! We appreciate all of her time and contributions to the studio. Now, Ashley will be assisting with requests and messaging while FYU-CHUR is in the studio. Welcome, Ashley, to your new role!


Sgt. Johnny Hines III Spreads

Message of Hope on Good Morning America

Sgt. Johnny Hines III, spread messages of hope, on Good Morning America this week. He is part of the First Responders Children's Foundation, an organization that aims to support the children of first responders through various programs, scholarships, and events. The foundation also strives to strengthen community bonds. In a recent program, they worked to bridge the gap between civilians and police officers through a series of theatrical exercises. The goal of the program is to walk in each other's shoes, creating understanding and open communication. This initiative has been going strong for 8 years!

Watch the interview below:👇

The idea, at least for me, is not to walk away with someone liking the cops more or disliking the cops more. It's about really understanding the human nature of what people are.

- Sgt. Johnny Hines III

Read the full article on ABC here and learn more about the First Responder's Children's Foundation here.

FYU-CHUR Makes Music with the FRCF

Two years ago, FYU-CHUR also partnered with the First Responders Children's Foundation. He was flown to NYC to be the sole producer for a historic project! Working closely with the children of first responders, he created a song from scratch and handled its mixing and mastering. Months after meeting with the children and recording in NYC, FYU-CHUR was flown back to NYC to receive an award for his efforts with the foundation and his positive impact on the children! Check out the journey below!



Si'Yir Royale - Contest (Mixed by FYU-CHUR)

PHEØNIXX - Cancel All Your Plans (Engineered by FYU-CHUR)



Calvin Loron Takes the Stage TONIGHT

Show Calvin Loron some support this weekend as he takes the stage live. After putting in hard work behind the scenes in the studio, he's stepping up and showing his talent with several performances this year.


Tonight, April 18, from 6-10pm


Los Cabos Mexican Grill

300 Riverwalk Ter.

Jenks, Oklahoma

For more Calvin Loron updates, follow him on social media @Calvin Loron on all platforms.





580-308-7070 INFO@FYU-CHUR.COM


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