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FYU-CHUR Talks Music Goals on ABC7

FYU-CHUR is making waves in the Oklahoma music scene with his second interview this month. A big thank you to ABC7 for their time and feature.

Click 👉 HERE 👈 to watch the full interview

"There is no prerequisite [to come into the studio]. If you have something you want to do, or a vision of some sort -- even if it's not fully completed-- I can help you complete that vision. All you have to do is try your best and we can make it work." - FYU-CHUR

FYU-CHUR sat down with Cade from ABC7 news to discuss his music journey and the vision behind opening the studio. He initially wanted to produce quality music that rivaled industry giants, while being affordable and local.

His current goal is to win a grammy in all genres of music. FYU-CHUR is always working on perfecting his sound and loves working with every artist as the process is always different. His approach isn't limited to a specific music style.

In the recent studio updates, FYU-CHUR is hosting livestreams, typically on Fridays, where he conducts spontaneous music sessions and offers discount codes.

Plus, he is partnering with artist and radio host Randall Brown, a.k.a. Black Buddha, to expose the European market to the music produced at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio. Randall features the artists' music on his radio show, which reaches an audience of approximately 1.8 million listeners. You can read more information about it HERE.





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