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This is how you find Performance Opportunities & Break into the Oklahoma Music Scene!

Artists know it's important to perform live and gain exposure but sometimes it can be difficult to find events. There are actually lots of performance opportunities in Oklahoma and the surrounding area, you just have to know where to find them! Here are some other tips for finding local opportunities.

Check Out the Studio Blog!

Start by checking out the FYU-CHUR Recording Studio blog and going to the Performance Opportunities category. Articles are posted regularly, which list the details of local, and upcoming events. Check it out here!

(+ sign up for Lawton's Got Talent below)

Contact Local Venues

Reach out to local venues like bars, restaurants, and music event centers and ask about performing. It's a good idea to have a social media page or a website ready to share with them to showcase your work.

Musician performing on a live stage
Josh James at Pride Fest in Oklahoma City

Look at Local Music Calendars

Many newspapers and websites have local music calendars that list upcoming performances. Check out these calendars and see if there are any opportunities that fit your style of music.

Join Music Organizations

Consider joining music organizations such as the Oklahoma Music Association or the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association. These organizations often have performance opportunities for their members.

Join Local Music Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups for musicians based in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. They often post performance events, social media challenges, and contests for artists. Facebook groups are also a good way to meet other artists and make connections. Here are a few:

Participate in Open Mic Nights

Hip-hop artist performing on a live stage
Hevii in OKC at Chronic Grudge hosted by Chronic Brands

Many venues host open mic nights where artists can sign up to perform. It's a great way to craft your stage presence and meet other musicians.

In Lawton and OKC alone, there are several bar and restaurant venues that have regular Open Mic Nights. Some of them occur on a weekly to monthly basis and others are one-time gigs. You can find some more information about some upcoming opportunities here:

Perform at Festivals

Look for music festivals in the area and see if you can participate. These events can be a great way to reach a large audience and get your music heard by new people.

Local Bulletin Boards & Music Stores

Another place you can often find advertisements for upcoming events are on bulletin boards in community centers like libraries, coffee shop, and music stores. Musicians will often hang up posters seeking out other artists to connect with or perform with. You may be even able to hang up your own poster and promotions as well.

Online Platforms

There are also online platforms like ReverbNation, Sonicbids, and Bandcamp, where you can apply to perform at venues and festivals, not only in Oklahoma but also in other states and countries.

Play at Local Events

Look for local events such as fairs, farmer's markets, and community gatherings and see if you can perform. Take a look at some of FYU-CHUR's recording artists' previous performances at local events:


Network with other musicians and artists at the studio. Many artists collaborate on songs at the studio and even perform together.

There are many ways to find performance opportunities for musicians in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Reach out to local venues, check out local music calendars, join music organizations, participate in open mic nights, play at festivals and local events, use online platforms, and network with other musicians and industry professionals. Be consistent, be proactive, and always be ready to perform and you will find performance opportunities to showcase your music.


When: Sunday, March 5, 2023


Where: Lawton Private Event Center

203 1/2 SW C Ave Lawton, OK 73501


Email with your music. You will have 3 minutes to show them what you've got! You must receive a confirmation email that your music has been received.


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