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These Oklahoma artists are spreading their music around the world!

Countless artists who have recorded with FYU-CHUR are now going on to tour and perform at music festivals! Check out some of these upcoming and recent performances from Tommy Loving, Darius Monroe, Knuckles, Claudy D, SoReal Tha Boss, Bennie Elix, Young Bezzel, Jvmvr Rashad, Quava J, & AYVIO!


Be on the lookout for MULTIPLE upcoming live performance opportunities in the next few blog posts OR check out our last blog post with live performance opportunities!



Tommy Loving & Darius Monroe

On July 15th, 2022, Tommy Loving and Darius Monroe performed at the Mahali Events Center in Lawton, Oklahoma!

These artists have been working hard inside and outside of the studio - HUGE shout out to Tommy locing and Darius Monroe!


Knuckles just spent July traveling the country for the Summer Nights Tour, and ended the month in Indianapolis as the opening act for Adam Calhoun! After seeing Knuckles work hard in the studio, it's amazing to see him grow on stage as well.

Claudy D. and SoReal Tha Boss

Claudy D and SoReal Tha Boss went OVERSEAS to Haiti to spread their music across borders and around the WORLD! Amazing job to Claudy D and SoReal Tha Boss for performing in Haiti and showing your talent to the world! Check out some clips from Haiti below: