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Take a Chance - Perform! Win a Contract!

This month we have a LOT of exciting performance opportunities to announce! In places like Oklahoma, Atlanta, Texas, and more, you can get your music heard - so take advantage! Recording in the studio is only a piece of the skillset needed to become a successful artist in the industry. If you're not getting out on the stage and stepping out of your comfort zone then you could be hurting your chance to get ahead. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Networking is a huge part of becoming successful, as well. Ever listen to interviews with successful artists? Some of their biggest successes stem from unexpected encounters with other musicians who took a chance and ran into each other at events and performances like the ones below.

Shout out to FYU-CHUR Recording Studio artists, Knuckles and Polo Numba 2 for their upcoming performances this weekend!

Sign Up to Perform

Fan Fair's Future of Music Conference

Music Showcase Sign ups

Sign up for a chance to receive a recording contract, 5 song EPs, help to launch your career, and more!

"Musicians who want to participate will pay a separate fee for the opportunity to perform for industry leaders in music labels, streaming platforms and other celebrities. Limited spots available."


Sign ups close TONIGHT (5/12)! Send receipt of ticket and audition to


OKC Convention Center

100 Mick Cornett Dr.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109

When: May 27th, 2023

30 performance seats will be announced on May 15th!

Pop Off Battle of Sexes

Musician singing on stage

MALES VS. FEMALES! Who can perform the hardest music? Come out to this networking event next Thursday to get on stage, meet other local musicians, and find out who really deserves to win this battle!!

Location: El Fandango Events Center

2823 S Agnew Ave

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When: May 18th, 2023

How to Sign Up: Send music links and DM Andre Nelson aka Dj Flatline to get in the lineup

The Good Ole Days

Music performance opportunity

Come out to perform at the Good Ole Days: VIP Only Party NEXT Friday (5/19) hosted by Murphy Lee and The Tics at 9pm!


Urban Venue

131 NE 23rd St

Oklahoma City, OK 73111

When: May 19th @9pm

How to Sign Up:

Call/Text (404) 721-2455

or email for more details!


Upcoming Performances

Knuckles Performance this Saturday!

Knuckles concert

REDKNUCK Entertainment presents Jersey Kitten's Law School Graduation Party featuring:

  • A LIVE performance by FYU-CHUR Recording Studio artist, Knuckles

  • FOOD



If you like supporting local musicians, then come out to the address below! Stay tuned for updates on more upcoming performances from Knuckles later this month!


6911 NW Eisenhower Dr.

Lawton, Oklahoma

When: Saturday, May12th starting at 6pm!

Polo Numba 2 TONIGHT at "Triple O" Party!

Concert flyer

Come out to support FYU-CHUR Recording Studio artist, Polo Numba 2 TONIGHT for the Lawton Takeover "Triple O" Party at Red Dirt Reloaded in Lawton!

Dress code is Oklahoma owned clothing brands!


Red Dirt Reloaded

6425 NW Cache Rd

Lawton, Oklahoma

When: TONIGHT, May 12th @ 9pm!


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