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New Music & FYU-CHUR's FULL Interview with ACTV!

A bunch of artists have dropped new music this week! Shout out to everyone who put out albums, music videos, and songs that are available for purchase in stores and on streaming platforms.

"FYU-CHUR Was the Only Word that

Described My Mindset"

FYU-CHUR sat down with Audio Cult Media (ACTV) a couple weeks ago, where he discussed his fascination with music as a child, his establishment of FYU-CHUR Recording Studio, and his inspirations as a music producer.

"I wanted to provide something that is affordable for people but I didn't want people to be able to tell that it [was made locally]... " said FYU-CHUR. He strives to merge quality, efficiency, and creativity by pushing the boundaries of music. He thrives on intricate requests from artists, embracing complexity and integrating elaborate effects to craft a unique sound.

FYU-CHUR said his favorite part about working with artists is "seeing their potential come to life."

"Being able to interpret what they're saying and turn it into music, into sonic form... seeing them continue to get better. That is... I love that. That's the best," said FYU-CHUR.

During the interview, experienced artist and ACTV host, commented that FYU-CHUR's studio is one of the finest he's encountered in terms of quality. He said, "I have been an artist for almost 30 years. I've been to studios in Los Angeles, Vegas, I've been in big boy studios and I've been in small studios. Yours is one of the best, as far as the quality, I've ever seen."

Watch the full interview above or on Youtube. Thank you ACTV for having FYU-CHUR on as a guest!

ACTV is a media company, based in Lawton, Oklahoma. Check them out on social media @ACTV for more interviews and music industry-related content.

Calvin Loron -Introducting Calvin Loron - Full EP (Prod. & Engineered by FYU-CHUR)

Quava J - The Curiosity (Full Album) (Prod. and Engineered by FYU-CHUR)

Listen on spotify

Listen to Full Album & song "More Than Enough" on YouTube!

Cyph Mvn - King of the Rhymes Vol. 1 - Full Album (Engineered by FYU-CHUR)

PHØENIXX - Beautiful Nightmare (Engineered by FYU-CHUR)

Listen below on Apple Music & Spotify!

Yung Zip ft. Polo Numba 2 - GIVE N’ GO (Engineered by FYU-CHUR)


If you have recorded at the studio, send your releases to to be featured!



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