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Local Artists Are On the Rise!

To get studio discounts and special deals, catch FYU-CHUR's next live stream on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok!

Many talented artists who have worked and recorded at our studio are now hitting the stage and delivering amazing live performances! We've got a bunch of fantastic recent shows to share. Come out and support these amazing artists, and don't forget to stay updated through our blog for performance opportunities where you can showcase your own skills too!

Kane Kuhtti & Hevii Performed in ATLANTA

Studio artists Kane Kuhtti and Hevii are making a name for themselves across the country in Atlanta, Georgia. They both performed at Indie Fest on July 5th!

Kane Kuhtti opened for Southern Hip Hop artist & rapper, Moneybagg Yo! Hevii just recorded a new album at the studio that you can listen to here. Congrats for all of their hard work!

Keep up with Kane Kuhtti & Hevii on social media at @realkanekuhtti & @heviihearted.

Recent Local Performances

Last weekend there were a lot of fantastic performances from local artists in the OKC area. There was the Summerfest on Friday, the Summer Bling Jamz on Sunday, & the Dab Day on Monday. Congrats to everyone who came out and performed!!

Summerfest & Summer Bling Jamz

Kane Kuhtti, Lannie Lan3, RaveyBabey and C Blunty came out and performed at the second annual Summerfest on July 8!

Shout out to Polo Numba 2, who performed at the El Fandango center for the Summer Bling Jamz!

Keep up with all the awesome things these artists are doing. There's fresh new music videos and albums in the making!

Dab Day on July 10

Several hardworking artists from the studio performed yesterday. Shout out to Dillon, C Blunty, Lannie Lan3, Tommy Loving, Knuckles, Meniz Rodman, Elijah Waterz for getting on the stage! Many of these performers have worked with the studio for a while now and some of them are currently touring! The hustle is paying off!


If you have recorded at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio, send your releases to to be featured!


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