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Expanding to the European Market, NEW Online Services & Studio GIVEAWAY!!



2023 is here and we have SO MANY exciting updates to share. Not only is the studio opening all of our new online services, but we are also going to make more announcements soon about expanding to the European market - so stay tuned!!



The studio now offers a variety of online services to artists from all over the world recording from their cell phones, home studios, other studios, whether your need custom production or mobile music revamping, FYU-CHUR Recording Studio can help you from any location!

BandLab and voice memos for music recording

Cell Phone Recording/Mobile Music Revamping

An online recording studio service for musicians that transforms cell phone recordings from voice memos, BandLab, and other cell phone recording sources, into professional tracks with industry standard audio editing, virtual instruments, collaboration tools, and mastering options. Save time, money, and hassle while producing high-quality music!

Transform Your Song From YouTube Beats to Original Productions

Transform Your Song From YouTube Beats to Original Productions Have you recorded your music to YouTube beats? While convenient, it can be limiting since so many other artists are using them too. We offer a service that can take your music recorded to YouTube beats and transform it into an original production. This will give your songs a unique sound and set them apart from the thousands of other artists using the same beats.

Original Commercial & Jingle Production for music

Commercial & Jingle Production

Get state-of-the-art custom jingles produced for commercials, film, TV, or broadcast use! Contact for a quote LISTEN TO JINGLE DEMOS HERE

exclusive instrumental made for your song

Exclusive Production Package

Get an exclusive instrumental made for your song at our studio. This service includes recording, mixing, and mastering to ensure that your song sounds its best. With exclusive rights to the instrumental, you'll have more legal, licensing, and monetization rights for your song, including copyrights, YouTube monetization, and sync licensing. Choose this package to have more control and opportunities for monetization and make your music stand out from the rest.

artist singing into a microphone at a recording studio

Artist Business Setup

For those needing help with the business side of being an artist such as: getting your music on iTunes, Spotify etc., copyrighting your music, ASCAP account setup, creating a YouTube or Soundcloud account, &more! This will cover the TIME it will take to create your accounts and show you HOW to access your new accounts so you can do it yourself moving forward!

mixing and mastering songs

Mixing/Mastering Songs from Another Location

Your song was recorded at a different location but still, you need polished mixing and mastering? Choose this option! This covers the time it takes to mix 1 - 3 songs (number of songs mixed will depend on the number of files, as well as quality and organization of files.)

headphones and microphone at a music recording studio

Radio Edits

This service covers the time it takes to get 1-3 songs edited for the radio. (Number of songs depends on the amount of explicit language). You also can include radio editing as a part of your recording time in your next studio session for no additional charge. Just state that you would like to spend some of your studio time to radio edit songs when you arrive for your next session!


To help you get old/lost songs, request songs edits, and prioritize getting in the studio when YOU need, read below about deposit booking requirements, the song request form, and the expanded Exclusive Production Package!

In 2023, FYU-CHUR Recording Studio is implementing new policies to help artists have more control over getting back on the calendar and getting their music requests for old/lost music & music edits delivered to them

To ensure that artists can get in the studio when they need to, we will require a 50% deposit to book your studio time or you cannot be put on the schedule. This will help ensure availability for artists who want to be here! If you lost a song that you previously recorded, you can request to have it re-sent to you through this form! This option is also available for detailed song edit requests. The review other updates to policies regarding the expanded exclusive production package and studio time hours feel free to read more on the Policies & Procedures page!



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