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Bringing a song from NOTHING to SOMETHING!

Countless artists have their vision in mind and their lyrics in hand, but sometimes they need that extra creative input to make that vision a reality. Calvin Loron knew that he wanted to create a '60's inspired R&B song. He had his lyrics and vision, but came to FYU-CHUR to collaborate on the rest and bring it to life! Watch the steps of the creation process below and see how FYU-CHUR worked wit Calvin to bring "Write a Love Song" from the mind, to the studio, and finally to the stage!

"A fun fact about my newest singles Mystery Girl and Write a Love Song is that they were both created within a few hours. I took my lyrics and melody ideas to FYU-CHUR recording studio and the final product was finished the same day. "

- Calvin Loron,

Interview with www.newtastymusic.com

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