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AYVIO shouts out FYU-CHUR on Set the Bar Mixshow!

Recording artist AYVIO gets all of his songs produced at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio! Recently, AYVIO has been hitting the charts and going on tours! During his interview on Set the Bar Mixshow, AYVIO explains the creative process of working with FYU-CHUR and how his songs can go from non existent to completely finished in just a few hours. Watch below for some highlights from AYVIO's interview:

"I'll go to [FYU-CHUR] with these ideas, I'll have a little melody or something, and he'll create this entire soundtrack around what I'm feeling that day... The range of different styles that I have in my music is all produced by one guy."

- AYVIO, Set the Bar Mixshow

Check out AYVIO's full interview below!


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