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SI'YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), is a 25 year old, award-winning Singer/Songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Teamed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on her way to the top. A different kind of different, Si’Yir is an amazingly talented pop/hip hop artist who is the epitome of creativity, flair and good vibes all in one..


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"You guys pretty much got it"

 - T-PAIN, multi-platinum Recording Artist & Songwriter 


"She makes hit after hit."

 - Tony Tone, Program Director KJMZ Lawton/Ft.Sill 

"I must say, I'm really really impressed! It's like a movement is going on."

 - KIKO, A&R Atlantic Records/APG


"Production was AMAZING, vocals were AMAZING, everything was AMAZING."

 - ASHLEY REID, Epic Records also daughter of L.A. REID 


"One of the most entertaining submissions I’ve received"

- CHE VICIOUS, VP of Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music


"She’s the best at it!"

- Nancy Fletcher, music icon


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- Best Female R&B Artist, PPBC Awards 2015


-Best Female Rap/R&B Single “MAD (or nah),” PPBC Awards 2015


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