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Get state-of-the-art custom jingles produced for commercials, film, TV, or broadcast use!

Contact for a quote!

Regular Hours

Availability: Monday - Friday


Length: Starting at 3 hours

Price: Starting at $300 - $600

Commercial/VO/Broadcast Demo:

Chevy Campaign by the A Team - Buy Chevy Feel Alive (prod and mixed by FYU-CHUR)Artist Name
00:00 / 00:39

Commercial/Jingle/Theme Song Demo:

Si'Yir Royale - Selling My Dream (prod by FYU-CHUR)Artist Name
00:00 / 00:40

Disclaimer: This package STARTS at $300. Due to the variation in requests (voiceover, scripts, music/theme song, etc.) the price may vary. Feel free to contact (580) 308-7070 or to discuss your vision!

Jingle Testimonials

"Thank you SO much!  You guys did an amazing job. It's catchy.  It's upbeat. It's me!"

Johnny Jernigan

"Incredibly gifted producer. This guy can make your ideas a reality."

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.14.08 PM.png

Reddirt Rickert

"THE ONLY PRODUCER YOU WILL EVER WANT TO WORK WITH! His passion shines through his productions, and he encourages you to be the best artist you can be no matter what level of music you're at.”

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.48.43 PM.png


"This guy is a Wizard Producer and engineer. He literally does it all. He’s fun, he’s safe, he’s respectful, and he loves his job.”

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.11.08 PM.png

Louis Boi

"He see’s my vision along with other artists that step through his studio! He takes his time never rushes through your record or your work!"

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