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Recording artist "Knuckles" shouts out FYU-CHUR on ABC7 news! | NEW MUSIC RELEASES

Recording artist "Knuckles" on ABC7 news!

"This year, I’ve taken some direction from my producer and engineer, FYU-CHUR. Shout out to FYU-CHUR Recording Studios here in Lawton. We’ve been working together for eight years, and I have finally let him convince me to start singing more, which is why I’ve released my first country song this last year.”

- Knuckles on working with FYU-CHUR

Shout out Knuckles for interviewing On After Hours with Cade on ABC7 news for all of his amazing accomplishments in the music industry in 2022! Being a musician is not just about the talent and the drive, it's also about the risks. Knuckles stepped out of his comfort zone and listened to FYU-CHUR's advice to do something different, leading him to release his first country song!

To all musicians reading this post: let's start out 2023 by being different and taking some risks. Congratulations Knuckles & keep moving forward! Check out the full interview below:


New Music Releases!

ZonaBaby Solo - Demon Time (Mixed by FYU-CHUR)

Instagram: @_faceshot55

ZonaBaby Solo - Bitch K (Remix) JDot Breezy

(Mixed by FYU-CHUR)

Instagram: @_faceshot55

Cletis Reaves - Come On & Praise God

Instagram: @cleatisreavesjr


If you have recorded at FYU-CHUR Recording Studio, send your releases to to be featured!

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