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March 11, 2022 WEEKLY RELEASES Newsletter

Check out THIS WEEKS new music releases from artists AYVIO, Big Soufside, Knuckles. Sav God, Kane Kuhtti, and Tevone! Send YOUR music releases to info@fyu-chur.com!

Grow Up (Prod. by FYU-CHUR) x AYVIO

Premiered March 6, 2022

Why Freestyle (feat. MO3) x Big Soufside

Premiered March 10, 2022

16 Bar Challenge 2.0 x Knuckles

Premiered March 10, 2022

All Not Half x Sav God

Premiered March 4, 2022

Tainted x Kane Kuhtti

Premiered February 15, 2022

Cruel... x Tevone

Premiered March 2, 2022